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Visit Carnarvon Gorge

Located almost 600km northwest of Brisbane, Carnarvon Gorge is situated in Central Queensland’s bioregion of the Southern Brigalow Belt. Part of the Carnarvon National Park, the gorge is the most popular attraction in this 298,000ha natural attraction.

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A spectacular landmark, Carnarvon Gorge is an ecological haven that offers some amazing nature experiences including 25km of graded walking treks. The tracks cross over fresh water streams and wind their way through lush tropical foliage passing cascading waterfalls and side gorges. Climbing the sandstone cliffs you’ll discover deep rock crevices that are home to some of the most significant Aboriginal art sites in Australia.

There is also the Sandy Beach Nature Trail which features an amazing range of flora and fauna, the Scenic Track that passes through some of the gorge’s most spectacular geological formations such as the Natural Amphitheatre, Ward’s Canyon, Moss Garden and the Wurrumbah Gorge. You can also visit the sacred Aboriginal site known as Cathedral Cave where ancient artworks adorn its walls.

As the original inhabitants of the land, Carnarvon Gorge is steeped in ancient Aboriginal culture and many dreamtime stories surround the legend of this iconic landmark including the creation story of the Rainbow Serpent, who is said to be the creator of the gorges and, as legend has it, still inhabits the waterholes to this day.

Although Carnarvon Gorge is within a day trip from Brisbane, the long drive means that many visitors prefer to stay at least one night to allow them plenty of time to explore this spectacular natural attraction.

There are eco-friendly accommodation options available with the opportunity to be joined by guides as you explore the gorge. An unforgettable experience, the breathtaking beauty of the park and its surrounds is home to a unique range of native wildlife as well as unbelievable scenery and fascinating bush walks.

The memory of Carnarvon Gorge and the National Park will stay with you long after you leave and is a must see natural attraction when visiting southern central Queensland.



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